Vandoosha and Shorti* with Sr Clara in 2013

India: Together we are mission

For World Mission Sunday 2019, Missio asked the faithful of England and Wales to support the missionary work of the Church in India and throughout the world, through your prayers and financial support.

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‘Give them confidence that Jesus loves them’

Every single day, all over the world, countless young girls are exploited. Often stolen from their families or sold against their will, these children become trapped in lives of poverty and despair.

In India, child trafficking and child labour is the reality for around 12 million children. This statistic is staggering. But it would be far worse without the presence of the Catholic Church. For decades, your support of Missio has enabled local communities to work hard to rescue those suffering.

Sr Clara from India has dedicated her life to educating vulnerable young girls, giving them the skills to break free from exploitation and abuse. Through their devotion and faith, the Sisters help the children to see their worth as a beloved child of God: ‘We always give them confidence that Jesus loves them.’

Once rescued, the girls can stay in a loving, safe home, where the Sisters provide them with education, medical care, spiritual formation and counselling.

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‘She is our mother’

When she was five years old, Vandoosha* was sold to be a domestic worker. She was then sold again, and this time her cries of distress were overheard. The local authorities rescued her with the aid of Sr Clara.

Shorti* does not know what her parents named her, or how old she really is. She was stolen from her family at a young age and put to work begging at a busy train station. She is another of the children that Sisters at Marialaya have rescued.

Years have passed since the Sisters brought both Vandoosha and Shorti into their loving care. Today, when they are asked what Sr Clara means to them, both girls can express it in just a few words:

‘Mother. She is our mother.’

Together we can change lives

Shorti and Vandoosha* with Sr Clara today

Missionaries like Sr Clara are able to continue to reach out to the most vulnerable people in their communities. This work is the heart of mission – bringing the light and hope of Jesus to everyone, regardless of their background or belief. And thanks to your generous contributions to the World Mission Sunday collections each year, we can all support and be part of the mission of the Church. This is where we see St Francis of Assisi’s famous words at work: ‘Preach the Gospel at all times and, when necessary, use words’.

On World Mission Sunday, please join with Missio to help missionaries rescue more vulnerable children. You can give a child a new home, show them how much God loves them and change their life forever. By supporting Missio, you play a valuable part in creating a vibrant Catholic Church for the future.

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*Names changed to protect identities.