Through the year with Missio

To support schools in their mission as Catholic educators, Missio produces workshops and 10-minute assembly reflections that follow the liturgical year.

Our secondary resources encourage students to:

  • Discover the world around them and reflect on their role within it
  • Deepen understanding of mission and Universal Church.
  • Think critically, inspired by Christ’s Gospel
  • Grow in faith

Scroll down to download general resources, or follow the links for AdventLent, resources focusing on Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and materials supporting school mission drives.

View our primary school resources via Missio’s children’s branch:

Can you help?

All our resources are free but if you can make a donation to cover costs and support Missio projects across the world, your help would make big difference. Thank you!

Film resources

This is the Pirimiti Boys Boarding House in Zomba Diocese, Malawi, which is supported by Missio. Use this video with students to highlight Missio’s work. 

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