Prayer is central to everything Missio does. When we pray together, we share in God’s love and are inspired to make the world a better place. We ask you to pray with us and for us, so the missionaries we support can find strength to continue to ignite God’s love around the world.

Tour the world with your Rosary

The Mission Rosary has a colour-coded decade for each continent where the Church continues her mission. It’s a wonderful way to relate to the world around us and gain an understanding of what it means to belong to the Universal Church.

Please contact us to request your Mission Rosary from the Missio office. You can use the pamphlet below, with reflections for each mystery.

A nun holds a rosary in the Holy Land


As COVID-19 affects more and more people around the world, we’re reminded how closely we are all connected to, and dependant on, each other across God’s world.

A catechist teaches in a time of social distancing.

Pray with Pope Francis

Each month the Pope asks us to pray for a particular intention. All of the Holy Father’s intentions are provided for you in our Mission Today magazine and online here.

Download the latest version of Mission Today.

Pray, watch reflect and take action here.

Pope Francis

In Remembrance

We remember all living and deceased supporters of Missio and the Mill Hill Missionaries at Mass in our chapel. Mill Hill Priests offer Mass for deceased members in November and they are remembered at Mass every Sunday and in their Daily Office.

Click here for the Mission Today Autumn 2020 list.
May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

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Share a Prayer

We always pray for our supporters at Mass and in our intentions. If you would like to share specific intentions with us, you can send them to, so we can add them to our intentions list. Alternatively,  post a prayer on your own social media account, tagging it with #MissioPrayerWall. They will then appear here

You can also help mission dioceses by donating a Mass offering – a wonderful way of bringing your intentions to God at Mass, whilst supporting our Church.

Mission Masses and Events

Throughout the year, mission Masses happen across England and Wales, to celebrate mission, pray for missionaries, and come together in prayer. Find upcoming events near you here.

If you’d like to speak to someone about arranging a talk from a Missio representative in your parish, please get in touch.

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Pray with Missio

Below you will find a selection of prayers to pray with Missio. Please feel free to download these prayers to use privately or with your prayer group.

You can also find prayers, activities and more for children at home and school on the  Mission Together website.

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