News from the mission field

Over 200,000 people read Mission Today.  It provides readers with news from mission areas around the world.

Keep up-to-date with stories from missionaries on the ground, and find practical ways to get involved in mission in your own community.

The magazine includes:

  • News from Religious and Lay missionaries abroad
  • Missio and Mill Hill Missionary activity in England and Wales, and around the world
  • First-person accounts of how Gospel values are transforming overseas communities
  • Prayer and reflection on the Christian call to share faith and serve people living in poverty

If you would like to receive a print copy of Mission Today, please contact us. The magazine is free, but we do rely on your support to continue our vital work. We are grateful for all donations we receive, however large or small. 

Mission Today Summer 2024 

Our Impact Report for 2024 is now available here. In it, you’ll learn how your generosity and faithfulness supported struggling and impoverished communities in 2023.  

Read about the difference you make in the lives of so many people, and join us to celebrate and support global mission this Summer.