News from the mission field

Over 200,000 people read Mission Today – our most widely read magazine.  It provides readers in England and Wales with news from the mission field.

You can keep up-to-date with stories from missionaries on the ground, and find practical ways to get involved in mission in your own community.

The magazine includes:

  • Articles by religious and lay people working as missionaries abroad
  • A roundup of Missio and Mill Hill Missionary activity in England and Wales
  • First-person accounts of how Gospel values are changing overseas communities
  • Prayer and reflection on the Christian call to share faith and serve people living in poverty

All Missio annual members and Red Box holders receive Mission Today free of charge. If you would like to become an annual member, please contact us. The recommended annual membership is £30 per year, but we are grateful for all donations we receive, whatever the amount.

Autumn 2020 Edition

The Autumn 2020 edition of Mission Today celebrates and gives thanks for some of our amazing missionary sisters and brothers around the world, as well as bringing you daily reflections for World Mission Sunday and beyond. Join us during October to pray, give and support the Missio family worldwide.

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