Together we are training tomorrow’s generations of Priests and Sisters

Missio supports the training of over 25,000 future Priests and 11,000 Religious Sisters each year by providing young Churches in developing countries with funding to train their own future Church leaders.

Today, these Priests and Sisters are building the vibrant Catholic Church of tomorrow, ensuring the gift of faith is passed on to future generations worldwide.

How we help

In mission dioceses in Africa and Asia, it costs at least £700 a year to train a student (also known as a seminarian) for the priesthood. Even though their families and parish communities try to support them, and the Seminaries do their best to grow their own food, it’s a struggle to cover the full costs of seminary training.

Missio believes no vocation should be turned away through lack of funds. That’s why the Holy Father asks us to channel help from our supporters in England and Wales to help build the future of our Church.

With your help – either through donations, our seminarian sponsorship programme, or by leaving a legacy in your Will – Missio can support the next generation of leaders for our global Church.

Wonderful news to share!

It is with great joy that we share the wonderful news that Fr Vincent Mwakhwawa, the former National Director of Missio in Malawi, has been appointed by the Holy Father as Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Lilongwe.

Bishop Vincent has expressed his profound gratitude to those who supported him in his journey to priesthood, especially Teresa Gleeson of Bury St Edmunds, who sponsored his seminary training through Missio and prayed for him during his formation. Please see their story in the recent Mission Today magazine, pages 12-13.

Just prior to his ordination, he shared:

‘It is my prayer daily to be a good shepherd. Please pray for me. I want to do the will of God for his people in Malawi and beyond. That is why in my coat of arms, I have just put the Good Shepherd… Regardless of our human and social struggles, God gives us much and shows us love more than we expect.’

The first generation of Priests in Mongolia

In 2019, our sisters and brothers in the Church in Mongolia celebrated the ordination of their first local Mongolian Priest, Fr Joseph (right, pictured at his ordination which was celebrated by Bishop Padilla). Thanks to you, Missio was able to support his training.

The Church in Mongolia may be small, but it is growing! And in 2021, the country celebrated the ordination of its second native Priest: Father Peter.

Thank you for your vital support of seminary training in mission dioceses. It is making a huge difference! Click on the links below to help us build the Church of tomorrow. 

How did it all start?

The Society of St Peter the Apostle (SPA) was founded in 1889 by Jeanne Bigard (right), a visionary young woman who saw the importance of investing in tomorrow’s leaders. Today, Missio continues this vital work in 157 countries, through the generosity and prayers of our loyal supporters.

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Jeanne Bigard, Society of St Peter the Apostle, SPA, founder