Prayer is central to everything Missio does. When we pray together, we share in God’s love and are inspired to make the world a better place. We ask you to pray with us and for us, so the missionaries we support can find strength to continue to ignite God’s love around the world.

Pray with Pope Francis

Each month the Pope asks us to pray for a particular intention. All of the Holy Father’s intentions are provided for you in our Mission Today magazine and online.

Download the latest version of Mission Today.

Pray this month’s prayer intention and see Pope Francis’ video message here.


Masses and events

Masai, remote, Kenya, Mass, crossThroughout the year, mission masses happen across England and Wales, to celebrate Mission, pray for missionaries, and come together in prayer.

Find upcoming events near you here.

If you’d like to become talk to someone about arranging a talk from a Missio representative in your parish, please get in touch.

Pray with Missio

Asia, pray, children, Mission Together, educationBelow you will find a selection of prayers to pray with Missio. Please feel free to download these prayers to use privately or with your prayer group. There is also a selection of prayers for children and schools, and you can find more resources on the Mission Together website.




Tour the world with your Rosary

Mission RosaryEach colour-coded decade of the Mission Rosary represents a continent where the Church continues her mission: green for the forests and grasslands of Africa; blue for the ocean surrounding the islands of the Pacific; white symbolising Europe, the seat of the Holy Father; red calling to mind the fire of faith that brought missionaries to the Americas; and yellow, the morning light of the East, for Asia. The Mission Rosary is very popular with children in schools; it’s a wonderful way for them to relate to the world around them and to gain an understanding of what it means to belong to the Universal Church. But anyone can pray the Mission Rosary. Mission Rosaries can be obtained from the Missio office. Please contact us to request yours. Below you can download a pamphlet to use with your Mission Rosary, with reflections for each mystery.

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