Prayer is central to everything Missio does. When we pray together, we share in God’s love and are inspired to make the world a better place. We ask you to pray with us and for us, so the missionaries we support can find strength to continue to ignite God’s love around the world.

Pray with Pope Francis

Each month the Pope asks us to pray for a particular intention. Join us and the global Church family to pray with the Holy Father for his particular intentions.

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Pray for the world

Through prayer, we connect with our global family and with God. Join us to pray for specific issues currently affecting our world. 

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Pray every day

Our Prayer Prompts are a versatile way to bring a more spiritual dimension to your everyday life.

The Liturgical Year

Throughout the year we will add resources and prayers for you to use at home or with your congregation.  

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The Mission Rosary

The Mission Rosary has a colour-coded decade for each continent where the Church continues her mission. It’s a wonderful way to pray for the world.

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Video meditations and reflections

Our videos are designed to help you pause and reflect for a few moments. Feel free to use them in whichever setting works for you: as a community, a family, at school, or in a quiet moment by yourself.

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Missio prayers

A a selection of prayers to pray with Missio, for the missionaries and seminarians we support and for our organisation and work.

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Mission Masses and events

Throughout the year, Mission Masses happen across England and Wales to celebrate Mission, pray for missionaries, and come together in prayer. 

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Book of Remembrance

We include in our online Book of Remembrance the names of people who have supported Missio and the Mill Hill Missionaries. The actual Books of Remembrance are held in the Missio chapel in London, and in Freshfield.

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