Opportunities to volunteer with a faith-based organisation

The Lay Missionary and Volunteer Network is a group of Catholic volunteer and missionary organisations. We are committed to authentic partnership in mission: promoting the integrity of each person, culture and the whole of creation.

Each organisation sends volunteers to work overseas. Further information on the various volunteering programmes can be found below.

Assumption Volunteers

An exchange of gifts and skills in poor communities around the world and in the UK, in projects connected to the Assumption Sisters.

Minimum commitment: 1 year
Age: 20+
Website: assumptionvolunteers.org.uk
Email: vc@assumptionvolunteers.org.uk

Bosco Volunteering Action

Learning through action; serving young and poor people alongside worldwide Salesian communities.

Minimum commitment: 1 month – 2 years
Age: 18+
Website: boscovolunteeraction.co.uk
Email: bova@salesianyouthministry.com

Step into the Gap (CAFOD/Society of the Holy Child Jesus)

Placement in a school, youth project, parish or university in the UK with a 4-week experience in the global south.

Minimum commitment: 1 year
Age: 18-30
Website: cafod.org.uk/gapyear
Email: youngleadership@cafod.org.uk

Columban Lay Mission

For those called by faith to share lives with poor and marginalised people by contributing to pastoral work, education, health and inter-faith dialogue.

Minimum commitment: 3 years
Age: 23-40
Website: columbans.co.uk
Email: clmuk@columbans.co.uk

Jesuit Missions Volunteering

Serve the world’s poorest people in schools, orphanages, parishes and healthcare in Africa, Asia and South America.

Minimum commitment: 6 months – 2 years (also 10-week opportunities for ages 18-25)
Age: 18+
Website: jesuitmissions.org
Email: teresa@jesuitmissions.org.uk

Lasallian Developing World Projects

Work projects for young people. Building schools and helping students in Africa and Asia.

Minimum commitment: Five-week group projects July-August
Age: 18+
Website: delasalle.org.uk
Email: ldwpuk@hotmail.com

Mill Hill Associates

Lay Associates working in Africa and Asia with Mill Hill priests and brothers.

Minimum commitment: 3 years (some can be shorter placements)
Age: 21-60
Website: millhillmissionaries.com
Email: dermotfbyrne@gmail.com

Ursuline Links

Volunteer in day camps, social justice projects, rebuilding homes in the UK and abroad with the Ursulines.

Minimum commitment: 1 week – 1 year
Age: 17+
Website: ursulinelinks.co.uk
Email: hannahw@ursulinelinks.co.uk

Volunteer Missionary Movement

Skilled and qualified lay people to share their lives in development projects in Africa.

Minimum commitment: 2 years
Age: 21+
Website: vmminternational.org
Email: vmm@hope.ac.uk