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Volunteer with Missio in the UK

Christ has called us all to proclaim the Good News to the nations. Volunteering with Missio is a wonderful way to respond to this call.

Become a Promoter for Missio

Could you be a Promoter for Missio? We need lay people who can help our team of Mill Hill Diocesan Organisers collect the APF-Mill Hill Red Boxes and deliver Mission Today magazine.

As a Promoter, you can support your APF Local Secretary in many different ways. You may want to gather your parish community together to pray for world mission, or fundraise for Missio by organising events. You may want to help by collecting the Red Boxes for us. However you can help, the time you spend raising awareness of Missio’s work is of great value to the Church.

To become a volunteer, please contact Catherine Scott on 0207 821 9755 or download our booklet: How to volunteer with us.


pdf How To Volunteer With Us
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