Through prayer, we connect with our global family and with God. Join us to pray for specific issues currently affecting our world. 

Issue based prayers

It is easy to become overwhelmed and feel helpless in the face of the world’s problems. Through prayer, we can connect to each other and our planet and, strengthened, answer God’s call to action. 

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Prayers for Missio

Missionaries work all over the world, serving the very people who bear the brunt of the issues outlined below. Please join us to pray with and for Missio, the people we support and the global Church here>>

War and Conflict

War and conflict affects so many parts of our world, and harms or destroys so many of our sisters and brothers who are caught in the crossfire. Pope Francis has spoken against armed conflict in the strongest possible terms, calling for disarmament and de-escalation of violence.

Racial justice

Pope Francis describes racism as ‘a virus that quickly mutates and, instead of disappearing, goes into hiding, and lurks in waiting’. We know that it is only through true equality, solidarity and kinship, that we can become the unified global family God wishes us to be. 


COVID-19 has ravaged the world, turning our way of life upside down. Through prayer, we’re reminded how closely we are all connected to, and dependant on, each other across God’s world.

Climate change

Climate change is possibly the single biggest threat to our planet at the current time. In the face of the massive changes needed, we can feel helpless and overwhelmed. But together in faith we can find the strength and the courage to change the world. 


Poverty affects every nation on earth, and the widening gap between rich and poor is one of the great scandals facing our world. 


Let us join Pope Francis to ‘walk together, without prejudice and without fear, drawing near to the most vulnerable: migrants, refugees, displaced persons, victims of human trafficking, and the abandoned.’

Human trafficking

Human trafficking is a devastating, complex and increasingly rife problem in the modern world. Described by Pope Francis as a ‘crime against humanity’, this organised and global crime trades both adults and children for money.

Pray for the world through the Mission Rosary

The Mission Rosary is a beautiful way to pray for the world. Each week we focus on five continent or country-based prayers to focus our hearts on the special intentions and needs we read about in the news.

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Find our online Mission Rosary videos, recorded by Mission Together children during the COVID-19 lockdown, here>>