July is National Picnic Month. So grab your hamper, up to 30 friends and take some time to walk in the footsteps of the Pilgrims of England and Wales. 

We’ve put together a selection of pilgrimages across England & Wales. If you choose to take one, you will find yourself journeying across some of the most beautiful scenery in England and Wales, and stopping at some powerfully inspiring holy places.

We have four suggested pilgrimages below, and some further suggestions if none of those are right for you.

Share their journey

As you tread the path of the pilgrims, please take time to pray for missionaries around the world today. Many missionaries we support travel great distances each day, and have left their homes hundreds of miles behind to bring God’s hope and love to the world.

Share your journey

We’d love you to share your pilgrimage with us – via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #MissioPilgrim

Walk at home

Not everyone can make a pilgrimage at this time. But you can add a spiritual dimension to your daily exercise. Why not say a decade of the Rosary on your daily walk, or pledge to walk the number of miles in a pilgrim trail this month? 

Plan your own route

If none of these routes are right for you, of course there are hundreds more possibilities! You might have a church, shrine or destination that’s special to you. Or you may find the British Pilgrimage Trust a source of inspiration.

Safety first

Please remember that COVID-19 restrictions apply in many places. It is a good idea to check ahead in case any issues may arise at any of the shrines. Please help other pilgrims by observing the national rules on social distancing and facial coverings.

Raising funds

Pilgrim walks are primarily a journey of prayer and there is no obligation to raise money as you walk. However, every penny and pound you share with Missio furthers our mission to share God’s love around the world. If you would like to fundraise during your walk, thank you so much! The easiest way would be to set up a JustGiving page, or contact us for further help.