Missio’s coordinators in every diocese of England and Wales

Each diocese has a Diocesan Director. They are appointed by the local bishop to coordinate support of the overseas mission of the Church.

Some Diocesan Directors are appointed to cover all of Missio’s work. Some cover a specific branch – either the APF, SPA or Mission Together. Their details are below. You can find their contact details either on their diocesan website, or contact the Missio office.

Diocese Societies Title First Name Surname
Arundel and Brighton
Birmingham APF SPA MT Rev. Paul Haines
Brentwood APF SPA MT Rev. Patrick Daly
Clifton APF SPA MT Rev. Gary Brassington
East Anglia APF SPA Dcn Christopher Brighten
East Anglia MT
Hallam APF SPA MT Dcn Derek Walton
Hexham and Newcastle APF SPA MT Rev. Gregory Price
Lancaster APF SPA MT Rev. Stewart Keeley
Liverpool APF SPA Dcn William Ball
Liverpool MT Dcn Ronald Burke
Menevia APF SPA MT Rev. Paul Watson
Middlesbrough APF SPA Canon Michael Loughlin
Middlesbrough MT Rev. Tom O’Neill
Northampton APF SPA MT Rev. Wayne Coughlin
Nottingham APF SPA Rev. Clement Orango
Nottingham MT Mr David Quinn
Plymouth APF SPA Mr Christopher Bleasdale
Plymouth MT Mr Tony Armstrong
Portsmouth APF SPA MT Rev. Innaiah Maddineni
Salford APF SPA MT Rev. Kieren Mullarkey
Shrewsbury APF SPA Rev. Anthony Grace
Shrewsbury MT Mrs Mary Dearden
Southwark APF SPA MT Dcn Tom Kavanagh
Westminster APF SPA Rev. Philip Knights
Westminster MT Rev. Philip Baptiste
Wrexham APF SPA Dcn John Carter
Wrexham MT
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