Join us to discover your mission!

We encourage you to join us for this short journey of prayer and reflection  – of finding a quiet time to look inwards with God and discover that personal calling which was placed in your soul before you were born!

Join us for a Novena to Blessed Pauline Jaricot, from 1 January to her feast day on 9 January.

Why a Novena to Blessed Pauline Jaricot?

Blessed Pauline Jaricot is one of Missio’s founders and its patron. She began a penny collection for the missions among workers in her father’s factory in Lyon, and from this humble beginning, founded the Association for the Propagation of the Faith which is now part of Missio –  the Pope’s charity for global mission. She was beatified in May 2022, after a miracle of healing occurred following a Novena to her.

Blessed Pauline is particularly close to those who are missionaries, and thus to those who are seeking to discern their mission in life.

Injured at a young age, Blessed Pauline overcame great obstacles in her personal life, but by dedicating herself to God, and listening to him in her heart, she led a life of inspiring mission. 

As a lay missionary, Blessed Pauline reminds us that there are many paths for mission, and that each of us can respond to God’s call in our own unique voice.

Scroll down to click on each day of the Novena, and to find more information about how to pray this special nine day prayer. 

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How to pray this Novena

Read a reflection each day for nine days, and spend some time in prayerful contemplation.

You will also see a daily prompt. This is a question to consider and pray upon. You may find you like to write your thoughts down, or simply find a quiet moment and let the thoughts and ideas come to you. At the end of the nine day prayer, we hope that you will have a clearer sense of where and how God is calling you to mission.

Complete your daily observance with the Blessed Pauline Jaricot prayer, an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

What is a Novena?

A Novena is a nine day period of prayer. It is based around a particular need or petition and asks for special grace. Very often, the novena is directed to a particular saint or blessed figure.

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