‘Christ has confidence in young people and entrusts them with the very future of his mission… Go and create a world of brothers and sisters!’

Pope Francis

This October the Catholic Church around the world will observe an Extraordinary Month of Mission. The EMM is an initiative of Pope Francis. Its aim is to encourage all members of our Catholic community to recognise themselves as missionary disciples, working and praying together to share God’s love with everyone, everywhere.

There are four main aims of the Extraordinary Month of Mission:

  • To encourage a deeper relationship with Jesus through prayer.
  • To be inspired by the actions of our saints, martyrs and living missionaries.
  • To increase understanding of mission.
  • To increase support of overseas mission.

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Our existing school resources already meet these aims. Please visit our General Resources page to download useful workshops and see below our new EMM Workshop, Ten-Minute Reflections, and Faith in Action Sessions. All contain activities and reflections pertinent to EMM. Missio’s short films are also useful resources for this special month.

Get involved now! His Holiness invites all Catholic communities to get behind this worldwide Church initiative. So to gather the energy of the whole Church family and highlight that we’re all called to share God’s love, a global social media campaign has begun.

#MyMission lets you tell the world how God calls you, like missionaries overseas, to reach out and share his love. During August and September, share your personal mission on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #MyMission #EMM2019.

#MyMission could be a simple act of kindness, like visiting an elderly neighbour. Or it could be a bigger gesture, like volunteering with or supporting a charity. Whatever your mission is, share it with others around the world and celebrate that, no matter where we are, our faith connects us as one Church family. You can download a template below to use in photos and selfies, and display your personal mission today.

For more information about EMM please visit https://missio.org.uk/emm/

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