The National Course is a collaborative project between Missio and the Catholic Missionary Union (CMU), for pastoral ministers from overseas, working in England and Wales.

It is designed to help Diocesan fidei donum priests, and Religious Priests, Brothers and Sisters who have entered the UK within the last two years:

  • To value their own cultures as well as to be open to the culture in which they are serving,
  • To be willing to share their unique personal gifts in the service of the Church here,
  • To be able to cope with the complexity of ministry in a cross-cultural setting,
  • To be available to others so that they can be approached with trust and confidence, without fear of being judged,
  • To understand the vital need for Safeguarding structures to protect children and vulnerable adults and to follow the current guidelines strictly,
  • To be friends, in the host culture, to those whom God loves in a special way: the outcast, the stranger, the poor and the sinner,
  • To possess a profound respect for other people, cultures, and religions, discerning the presence of God in their midst and willing to listen to and learn from them, and adapt accordingly,
  • To reflect on how they can support the Church here to grow in its appreciation of diversity and include other cultures and traditions,
  • To communicate something of the freshness and vitality of the Church from which they come,
  • To value collaboration with priests, deacons, and pastoral agents in the Local Church, and
  • To equip them with the means to become effective and fulfilled servants of the Local Church.

CMU and Missio have successfully run this course together in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Thanks to the generous support of Porticus, CMU and Missio have been able to extend the course to two workshops with peer group and mentor support between them.

Dates and Fees

Two workshops:

  • Monday 13 to Friday 17 September 2021
  • Monday 9 May to Friday 13 May 2022

There will also be peer group gatherings with a mentor in the intervening months.

Thanks to Porticus, we are able to offer this course for £500 per person – all-inclusive apart from transport costs.

Please note that the venue will be booked when current restrictions end.

Download the booking form here>>