Pope Francis with youth, Poland

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) is based on Scripture, Tradition and Church teaching, as given by popes, bishops and theologians. It offers a set of principles to help us think about how we should interact with others. It forms the foundation of the choices we make, and how we view creation.

‘Dear young people… The Lord wants to turn your hands, my hands, our hands, into signs of reconciliation, of communion, of creation. He wants your hands to continue building the world of today.’ Pope Francis

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CST guides us in how we build God’s kingdom on earth: a world where all people, not just Christians but people of other faiths and none, have the chance to develop into fulfilled and loving people.

Missio’s CST workshops reference the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and encourage young people to reflect on their call to be missionaries of God’s love and co-builders of God’s kingdom.

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