Shorti and Vindoosha* with Sr Clara today

For World Mission Sunday in 2019, we shared Sr Clara’s story and her order’s work with children, young people and women in India. These inspiring Sisters continue to create hope and a sense of belonging for vulnerable people.

In underprivileged parts of Chennai, despair and poverty cause widespread antisocial behaviour – drug and alcohol abuse, and a high dropout rate from education. Many people are unable to find work. Violence against women and children, child trafficking, child abuse and child labour are rife.

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Bringing hope where there is despair

A group of Salesian Sisters are making it their mission to bring help and hope to those suffering. With education, support and protection, the Sisters seek to ‘liberate people from poverty born out of generations of discrimination and lack of opportunities.’

Through education and youth programmes, women’s training and financial empowerment, clinics, drug prevention schemes, family counselling and more, the Sisters are both channelling and becoming the life-blood of struggling communities.

Sr Nirmala shares:

‘Motivated by the vision of Pope Francis, “that my life on this earth itself is a mission”, we joyously share the life of our poor marginalised children, youth and women, and constantly strive to be part of their life’.


Thamayanthi with Sr Nirmala

Orphaned from a young age, Thamayanthi was 13 when she was injured by a bomb blast during the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009. Her right knee was badly infected by a piece of bombshell lodged there: an infection which festered for ten years.

Thamayanthi was in constant pain and unable to walk. The Sisters brought Thamayanthi to one of their orphanages in India to care for her. She has had two operations and treatment to heal the  infection. She can walk again – with crutches but without pain.

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Thanks to you

Donations from our Missio family in England and Wales are enabling the Sisters to provide the care and spiritual support vulnerable children need.

Thamayanthi is not out of the woods yet; she has tuberculosis and needs further surgery. But with your prayers and donations and the love and care of the Sisters, she and others like her, will continue to heal and recover.

Sr Nirmala sends this message to you:

Thank you Missio England and Wales for your love for the vulnerable children. Through your ongoing financial assistance we help and heal the children in need. God bless.’

World Mission Sunday 2020

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