In February, we pray with Pope Francis for Religious Sisters and consecrated women, thanking them for their mission and their courage; may they continue to find new responses to the challenges of our times.

‘Together we are one family, one faith, one soul in Christ Jesus. Together we are one Church of love…and we share love through the good actions we do’

– Sr Nilceia, missionary, Malawi

This month’s focus

  • The season of Lent is almost upon us. So surely February is the month to clear out the cupboards, whip up some pancakes and get ready to flip out for Missio! Find out how to get involved in our Flipping Fantastic Fundraiser here>>
  • In a month associated with love, we reach out with love to our entire global family. Join us as we focus our hearts and prayers on the most pressing issues our world faces today. Find prayers for the world here>>
  • We started the year gently, and we’re keen to continue that way. Scientific research by the British Medical Journal has shown that praying the Rosary is wonderful in aiding heart health. Why not take some time each day to slow down and feel close to Mother Mary? Follow the #MissionRosary hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to join in.
  • February brings the first signs of Spring – the perfect time to begin a bit of garden planning! Mission Together’s Marian resources contain lovely ideas for planting a ‘Mary Garden’. Why not plant an area of your garden with flowers dedicated to Mary? Ox-Eye Daisy (once called Our Lady’s Star), Rosemary (Mary’s nosegay) and Marigolds (Mary’s gold) should be fine to sow or plant as soon as the ground frosts are over. Bluebells (originally called ‘Our Lady’s Thimbles’), roses and lilies will be a beautiful addition later in the year. Do share your pictures with us if you plant a Mary Garden!