The season of Lent is almost upon us. So surely February is the month to clear out the cupboards, whip up some pancakes and get ready to flip out for Missio!

Last year, despite lockdown and other restrictions, fundraisers – young and old – joined our Flipping Fantastic Fundraiser, raising money for Missio and munching some delicious pancakes in the process. You were amazing, and we loved seeing your photos and videos!

Now more of us are back at work, school and college there’s even more scope to come together and Flip Out in February, as many of us clear out the sweet stuff and prepare ourselves for Lent. With a few little tweaks and ideas, you can turn your annual pancake treat into a bit of fundraising for Missio, helping us raise much needed funds for our global Church family overseas.

With your help, we can ignite God’s love around the world – and there’s nothing to stop us spreading some joy while we do it!

Flipping Fantastic – the basics

Whether you’re at home with your family, at school or in the office, we’re inviting everyone to join our ‘Flipping Fantastic Fundraiser’ once again! That means you, your family, student or parish group, chaplaincy, community and friends, from the littlest sibling to great-grandparents.

All you need to do is:

  1. Download our sponsor form and collect some sponsors
  2. Make your pancake, then flip it as many times as you can!
  3. Share it with us on social media, using the hashtag #MissioPancakes and tag us @MissioUK
  4. Collect your sponsorship money and send it to Missio. You can also give to our Mission Together Lent Campaign via Just Giving. Click here to find out more.

And of course, enjoy eating your pancakes… provided you haven’t dropped them!

You can do your flip any time up to and including Shrove Tuesday – it does not have to happen on the day. 

We love sharing your photos and videos, but if you’re feeling camera-shy, don’t worry. As long as your sponsors are happy you’ve done your flips, so are we!

Next level fundraisers

If If a pancake flip isn’t what you’re looking for, or if just flipping a pancake isn’t enough, we’ve got some great ideas to take your fundraising to the nest level. Click here for ideas on how to involve little ones, give your pancakes a global theme, or get your toppings popping this Pancake Day! 

Go to our Fundraising page for more ideas>>

Journey through Lent with Missio

We’re so grateful to all our fantastic fundraisers – without you we couldn’t support our missionary family as they ignite God’s love around the world.

  • As we journey towards Lent, you can find less indulgent, Lent and springtime fundraising ideas here.
  • You can also find Lent resources for secondary schools here and primary schools here. All our resources are free to download, but of course your fundraising and donations really do help us to keep producing them. Thank you!