In 2021, you reached out with love to seminarians at the St Peter’s Major Seminary in Zomba Diocese, Malawi. The pandemic affected the seminary so badly that they were afraid they would not be able to open their doors again.

The Rector, Fr Anthony, shared this message with us:

‘COVID-19 has been a challenge in Malawi. Life was very tough in both towns and villages. Our people were unable to support the Church very well and as a result, parishes and seminaries greatly suffered. St Peter’s Major Seminary was not spared. We have eight teaching Priests, but when the seminary suffered financially during the crisis, six Priests and all students were sent back to their dioceses’.

‘The only relief came from Missio’

Fr Anthony continued:

‘Only the Rector and the Bursar remained. The seminary could not manage to take care of its Priests during the crisis. When we resumed normal classes, we were not stable financially and the only relief came from Missio in England and Wales. The money you sent has helped us to finish the academic year. Thank you so much for your support’.

The importance of Mass Stipends

We all have important concerns that are close to our hearts. We offer them to Our Lord during Mass and often ask the priest to say Mass for that intention. Traditionally we make a donation to the priest – a ‘Mass offering’ – which helps towards his upkeep and the upkeep of the parish.

Many of our supporters like to help mission dioceses in this way and send us their intentions. The offerings help maintain local Priests in mission dioceses in the poorest areas, and those teaching in seminaries. They are particularly important in areas where war, famine and natural disasters mean that Priests have no stable income.

Fr Anthony says:

‘Priests serving in the seminaries have been helped greatly with the Mass Stipends that you gave us. The Mass Stipends help us because we do not have a reliable source of income. Please continue supporting us with the Mass Stipends as Priests. It makes our life bearable.

In 2021 we have been blessed with 14 Deacons and 12 new Priests. They are promising to offer their prayers for all the people from England and Wales who have been supporting them’.

Find out how to request a Mass offering here>>

‘Without your support, life would be very unbearable’

New vocations are always a cause for celebration, but mission dioceses can struggle to meet the practical needs of all the students.

It’s our mission to ensure no vocation fails through lack of funds and support. In fact, Missio is the ONLY charity with a mandate to support vocations in each and every mission diocese worldwide. Fr Anthony says:

‘The number of students interested in priesthood is continuing to rise but we lack the necessary accommodation. We cherish our relationship with you, and we greatly appreciate all the support you give us. Please, keep it up!! Without your support, life would be very unbearable’.

What you’ve helped us achieve

Every year, the global Missio network supports the training of over 24,000 future Priests and 8,000 Religious Sisters by providing young churches in developing countries with funding to train their own future church leaders.

Today, local Priests and Sisters are building our vibrant Catholic Church of tomorrow, ensuring the gift of faith is passed on to future generations worldwide.

Thanks to you 1,596 Students were trained for the priesthood in 2021. 

Through your prayers and donations, Missio proudly supports tomorrow’s leaders in each and every seminary in the missionary world.