Message from the Rector: Fr Anthony  

‘The year of 2021 was a very challenging year for Malawi, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Institutions were closed on several occasions, and this affected our normal school programme. And then, St Peter’s Major Seminary was nearly closed permanently due to financial constraints. 

We were blessed with seven new Deacons who were ordained in September. We also witnessed the priestly ordinations of 12 young men, who were previously Deacons. This is a source of joy for us.

This current year is giving us some hope – we may have several young men to be ordained Deacons in May 2022. They will strengthen the faith of the Christians here in Malawi, once they are ordained Priests’.

Editor’s note: At the time of publication, we received information that the seminary had been attacked on 6 January by twenty armed thugs.

Fr Anthony wrote:

‘They tied up one security guard and injured another (multiple injuries to the head, hands, legs). They have stolen two computers, a laptop, and their accessories from my office and the secretary’s office. They also broke into a car and stole a few things. Policemen came when I phoned them. They were quick enough to find us. However, thieves had already departed for the Sisters’ Convent nearby. They began breaking their front door to have access into the convent. The Policemen went there too and rescued them. The students are coming soon to begin the second term. When they are around, thieves are afraid to come and steal. Thanks be to God that we are still alive’.

Please keep this and all seminary communities in your prayers.

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Life in the Seminary

St Peter’s Major Seminary, located in the Zomba diocese, offers a five year formation program for candidates to the priesthood from all over Malawi. The seminary was founded in January 1977 and approaches the formation of its students holistically: providing spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation, and focusing on ongoing human development of all its students.

The Seminary holds that: ‘The human character of the Priest should be a bridge, not an obstacle, for others in meeting Jesus Christ. The seminarian’s human formation is, therefore, the “necessary foundation” of his priestly formation. Our programme thus seeks to assist seminarians to continue growing into healthy, well-integrated and fully human persons. The people of God need priests who are mature and compassionate, with well-formed consciences and strong character.’

Community outreach, ministerial service, workshops and reflections all add to this mission of forming well-rounded individuals ready to share God’s love and bring the light of the Gospels to all people.

Apostolates include working with prisons, hospitals, young people and elderly people. Meanwhile, the Seminary has various drama clubs, student publications and activities to get involved with.

Here’s the Seminary Choir singing a beautiful hymn:

Message from a student

Brother Amos:

I want to become a Priest in order to spread the Good News to the whole world for the salvation of souls. I would like to become a Priest so that people have access to Christ.  

I want to express my gratitude to my benefactors for all the material and spiritual support that they give me.

I am very happy to have a sponsor who is praying for me. I promise to pray for my sponsor, and Missio England and Wales.

The support that I am receiving means a lot to me. Without that support it would be very difficult for the Seminary to take good care of me and my fellow seminarians. It would be good if more people  could be found who would  continue sponsoring the seminary
in various ways. I promise to continue working hard in class.

Support a future Priest

With your help we are building the Church of tomorrow. Could you support Missio today? Donate or sponsor a future Priest.