Together we are training tomorrow’s generations of Priests and Sisters

Jeanne Bigard

Missio supports the training of over 25,000 future Priests and 11,000 religious Sisters every year by providing young churches in developing countries with funding to train their own future Church leaders.

Today, these Priests and Sisters are building the vibrant Catholic Church of tomorrow, ensuring the gift of faith is passed on to future generations worldwide.

Missio is unique in its commitment to supporting each and every seminary in the missionary world; a challenge set by Pope Pius XI in 1922 and still embraced by Missio today.

The Society of St Peter the Apostle (SPA) was founded in 1889 by Jeanne Bigard (right), a visionary young woman who saw the importance of investing in tomorrow’s leaders. Today, Missio continues this vital work in 157 countries, through the generosity and prayers of our loyal supporters.

Could you play a key part in securing the future of the Catholic Church?
Every September new future Priests (also known as Seminarians) start their training. Could you donate to support the transformative journey that they are undertaking? By sponsoring a future Priest and paying for his training you will be able to see the impact your donation is making as it ripples out and touches the community your Priest will eventually lead. You will be part of the journey, receiving news and updates, and your family will be in the Priest’s prayers as they train.

By sponsoring a future Priest you will be playing a very personal part in securing the global Church of the future.

Could you support Missio today? Donate or sponsor a future Priest.

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