During this Year of Prayer, Missio encourages Catholics in England and Wales to make space for God this Lent, ensuring that it is a time of true spiritual renewal.

Lent is the perfect time to deepen or reconnect with our faith and our church communities. And As the Pope’s chosen charity for mission, we want to help people respond to the Holy Father’s call to our Global Church family to create a ‘great symphony of prayer’, and to ‘recover the desire to be in the presence of the Lord, to listen to him and adore him’ in this special year.

Finding time and space

We believe working hard and juggling commitments shouldn’t mean you miss out on spending time with God, and on the peace and fulfilment that prayer brings. That’s why we’ve designed a flexible Lenten journey guide that fits with you.

Our Lent planner makes space for prayer, abstinence, charity, scripture and, the Sacraments in a way that is both manageable and possible in our busy world.

By creating small, flexible blocks of prayer and action, we hope you’ll be able to build a personal plan which helps you to engage fully with this important season.

A full, flexible package

Alongside our planner – a free printable download that anyone can make their own – we have created some reflection films, prayers and suggestions, along with helpful links.

During Lent and throughout the Year of Prayer, we will be encouraging all Catholics to renew our call to faith and mission showing that however and whenever you wish to encounter Christ, he is ready to welcome you into his fold.

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