Priest blesses a sick parishioner during Mass

Earlier this week, we received news from Mill Hill missionary Fr Agbasoa of a special gathering for the World Day of the Sick, which was marked on Sunday 11 February. The service was held at St Therese’s Parish, Ilung, Cameroon.

Spiritual and practical care for the sick of the parish

Fr Agbasoa and fellow Mill Hill missionary Fr Celestine, administered the sacrament of the sick to over eighty sick and elderly parishioners in a moving and prayerful liturgy. The liturgy was followed by an information sharing social during which Fr Agbasoa invited a community nurse to provide advice and guidance on malaria prevention and other health risks.

Facing the challenges with faith and courage

St Therese’s Parish faces many challenges, not least the terrible violence and conflict caused by ongoing political unrest in the region. Thanks to your support, Fr Agbasoa and his fellow Mill Hill missionaries share the love and Good News of Christ to all members of the community.

Please keep these brave missionaries in your prayers as they minister amidst great pressures.

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