Children playing on a climbing frame

As schools get set to close in England and Wales, our children face uncertain times in the next few months. At Missio our hearts go out to all families struggling with the impacts of Covid-19. We understand the difficulties of schools closing, worry for family members and the problems of self isolation. You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers.

Some practical help with home schooling

To help parents who are now preparing for at-home schooling, Mission Together, our children’s branch has been busy creating resources for children to use at home. They’re also great for support staff still caring for children in school settings.

These simple activities include colour-in cartoons, word tasks, prayer and scripture. They remind children here to stand in solidarity with children around the world who are already living in hardship.

Click here to find our at-home resources for primary school children>>

We’re busy building this bank of ‘at home’ resources, so do continue to check this page for more activities in the days ahead.

Prayer is an important part of what Mission Together children do and now, in particular, the world needs our children’s prayers. Please encourage children to say the Mission Together Prayer as often as they can while they are at home.

Thank you for everything you are doing to help children here and for those overseas. At Missio we are offering daily prayers for our supporters in England and Wales. Through our prayers and actions, let us stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers across the world affected either by illness or isolation.

Our ‘home’ resources intentionally use little colour to cut down on school/family printing costs.