Join us and Pope Francis to pray for the world at this worrying time

Prayer schedule for the Special Week of Prayer for the Covid-19

His Holiness Pope Francis has released a special new video this week.  He asks the global Church to join him at specific times, to ‘pray for the world’.

COVID-19 has now spread to 162 countries and territories, infecting more than 290,000 people worldwide and causing more than 12,000 deaths so far. As a result, the World Health Organisation declared the disease a pandemic on 11 March 2020 .

Wherever you are, please pray

Please take a moment at 11am UK time on Wednesday 25 March, and on Friday at 5pm  day to join us. At this difficult time, let’s join together to ignite God’s love around the world and bring hope to those affected.

Find the Pope’s Prayer Video here>>

Find our prayers for Covid-19 here>>

How you can help

  • Wherever you are and whatever your doing, please take a moment to join the global Church in prayer at the designated times.
  • Please SHARE the schedule for the Special Week of Prayer on your social media, and encourage others to join.
  • At this time of crisis, the missionaries we support are providing vital care in areas where healthcare, sanitation and clean water are simply not available. If you are able, please donate to Missio so we can continue to support them and the communities they serve. Donate>>