As coronavirus sweeps across the world, we reach out in prayer and solidarity to our sisters and brothers who are affected

‘We all now realise that we are living in unprecedented times. Almost every hour we hear fresh and often worsening news about the coronavirus and the impact it is having. As never before, we’re reminded how closely we are all connected to, and dependant on, each other across God’s world. Our international Missio network, at one with the whole Church, will play its vital role of providing care and spiritual support.’

Missio’s England and Wales’ National Director, Fr Tony Chantry, gave this message earlier today, in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. At this worrying time, we’re offering daily prayers for our supporters here in England and Wales. We’re also standing in solidarity with everyone across the world affected either by illness or isolation.

We’re already hearing stories from our partners, of the selfless missionaries and medical staff who continue to help the people in their communities, often at risk to themselves. They are igniting God’s love through their compassion and practical care.

‘Let us help each other and not worry about ourselves’

In Venezuela, Cardinal Baltazar Porras made it clear that Priests and Lay people would not stop their mission to visit sick and isolated people in their homes and hospitals. He said it was ‘a task that committed priests and lay people are willing to continue to do, taking all the necessary precautions’. He added:

‘Let us help each other and not only worry about ourselves, we must also think of those who need it most, the poor and excluded. We deeply appreciate the interest, the vocation to the service and professionalism of those involved in healthcare’.

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‘Continue to trust in our heavenly Father’

In the Holy Land, Bethlehem is under quarantine. Bishops urged communities to follow guidelines but also to intensify efforts to pray and give to others. On Monday, a joint communiqué from the Bishops said:

‘We are all called to live this time continuing to trust in our heavenly Father who takes care of all His creatures. It is therefore good that we intensify personal prayer, fasting and alms-giving and to walk in the light of God’s love’.

In Ghana, the Church is urging for caution and care around hygiene and health, in line with the government’s advice. Masses, confessions and pilgrimages are being suspended for the next few weeks. However, the Bishops also recommended that live streaming of masses should happen where possible and that the faithful:

‘intensify individual and family prayers and encourage all to read the daily Mass readings and reflections provided on several social media platforms.’

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We are praying for you and your intentions

We will continue to pray for you, your families and loved ones at this time. We also ask you to join us in spirit. We will continue to celebrate Mass in our chapel here at Eccleston Square, for you and your intentions. Please join us in praying:

For those who are suffering,
for those who are grieving,
for those who are anxious,
and for those who are working tirelessly to care for the sick. 

Join us

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We give thanks for our missionary sisters and brothers – so often at the coalface of crises and working in the most difficult conditions. Please help us support their vital work>>