In 2022, you helped Missio England and Wales train 2,854 seminarians for the Priesthood. As the Pope’s chosen charity for World Mission, Missio is unique in its commitment to supporting each and every seminary in the missionary world; a challenge set by Pope Pius XI in 1922 and still embraced by Missio today.

Today, we continue this mission, and also have a special relationship with seminaries in India, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. Over the COVID-19 pandemic you prayed for them as they faced considerable extra challenges. But in 2022 things began to return to ‘normal’ at Christ the King Major Seminary in Nyeri, Kenya. The Rector, Fr Peter, wrote to us: ‘We are always grateful for the immense support that we receive from Missio England and Wales. May our benefactors be assured always of our prayers.’

A message from Br Joseph

Brother Joseph is one of the students training for the priesthood and currently sponsored through Missio. He has also written to us and wanted to share this message with you:

‘I sincerely acknowledge your presence in my life through the sacrifices you make. This has encouraged me to have an open mind and loving concern for all people. It is evident that God, in his divine wisdom, has illumined your hearts to participate in this very noble mission. Through this endeavour we have become spiritually one in the Lord.

‘Your financial assistance through Missio has contributed to the success of my formation. Irrespective of the situations at hand you don’t fail to perform the act of sharing. I  assure you that I will keep my eyes higher to meet the demands required of me. Be assured of my prayers at all times.

‘For all you do, for who you are to me, I will be forever grateful. You are truly in my life as I carry on in my journey of discernment. Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered. May God keep you safe always.’

Thank you for supporting the future of the Church!

Every year, the global Missio network supports the training of over 23,000 future Priests and 7,000 Novices. We do this by providing young churches in developing countries with funding to train their own future Church leaders.

Today, local Priests and Sisters are building our vibrant Catholic Church of tomorrow, ensuring we can pass on the gift of faith on to future generations worldwide. Thanks to your prayers and donations, Missio proudly supports the training of tomorrow’s leaders in each and every diocesan seminary in the missionary world. Missio continues the work of the Society of St Peter the Apostle (SPA) founded in 1889. You can help us by:

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