Vandoosha and Shorti* with Sr Clara in 2013

World Mission Sunday is the one day in the year when our sisters and brothers around the world come together to support mission. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to reflect on and pray for the Church’s mission overseas and support of the world’s most vulnerable people.

In the third week of the Extraordinary Month of Mission (EMM2019), Catholics reflected on ‘Missionary charity as a commitment to support the Church’s missionary activity and communities too poor to support themselves.’

Missio is proud to be the Pope’s chosen charity for mission. And we ask the Church family in England and Wales to help us support the missionary work of the Church in India and throughout the world, with your prayers and donations.

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‘We give them confidence that Jesus loves them’

Every single day, all over the world, countless young girls face exploitation. Often stolen from their families or sold against their will, these children become trapped in lives of poverty and despair.

In India, child trafficking and child labour is the reality for around 12 million children. This statistic is staggering. But it would be far worse without the presence of the Catholic Church. For decades, your support of Missio has enabled local communities to work hard to rescue those suffering.

Sr Clara and her Convent in India has dedicated her life to educating vulnerable young girls, giving them the skills to break free from exploitation and abuse. Through their devotion and faith, the Sisters help the children to see their worth as a beloved child of God: ‘We always give them confidence that Jesus loves them.’

You can support missionaries like Sr Clara by donating to World Mission Sunday. Simply select ‘World Mission Sunday’ in the drop down menu (Where would you like your gift to go?)

We can change lives today

Shorti and Vindoosha* with Sr Clara today
Shorti and Vindoosha* with Sr Clara today

Vandoosha* and Shorti* are just two of the young women Sr Clara and her Convent have helped saved from trafficking and child slavery. But they couldn’t do it without you. You can read more about how your donations help children like Vandoosha and Shorti, and find out more about World Mission Sunday here.

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*Names changed to protect identities.