October 2019: ‘Baptised and sent’

Pope Francis has declared October 2019 to be an Extraordinary Month of Mission (EMM). This special month of prayer and action calls us all to renew our missionary commitment. We’re called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with all peoples. What is EMM2019?>>

It’s time to join in!

His Holiness invites individuals, schools, organisations, dioceses, parishes, communities, orders and congregations to get behind this worldwide Church initiative. So to gather the energy of the whole Church family and highlight that we’re all called to share God’s love, a global social media campaign has been running since August. And everyone can join in!

Find out more about the #OurMission social media campaign

EMM2019: Revitalise, renew, reawaken

For the four weeks of October 2019, the Holy Father has approved four themes:

  1. A personal encounter with Jesus Christ living in his Church.
  2. The witness of missionary saints and martyrs.
  3. Missionary charity as a commitment to support the Church’s missionary activity and communities too poor to support themselves, through Missio.
  4. Biblical, catechetical, spiritual and theological formation for mission.

Through these dimensions the Holy Father invites us to renew and reawaken our commitment to mission.

You can access some materials below, or read more about what Extraordinary Month of Mission is here.

We have lots of EMM resources to engage schools, click to download primary and secondary materials.

Join us!

To celebrate this opportunity to revitalise, renew, and reawaken our ongoing commitment to Missio Ad Gentes, various events will be happening in September and October throughout the dioceses. Find out what’s happening and sign up to join us here>>

Since the beginning of August, people around the world have been sharing their personal mission on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #MyMission #EMM2019. It’s a worldwide social media campaign to reignite our missionary spirit and share that with our sisters and brothers around the world. Join in here>>

Look out for more updates, resources and information throughout the year, as we build towards EMM in October 2019. 

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