We love our volunteers and give thanks for them every day. After all, it’s through these dedicated superstars that our Mission is possible! This Volunteers Week, we had so much to celebrate. We got to thank some Local Secretaries for long service and welcome others who are just joining the Red Box volunteering family. Here are some highlights from around the dioceses.

More than a penny collection

Our Red Box Local Secretaries often do far more than just collecting money. Many of them become a vital part of their communities’ network, by visiting and looking out for their Red Box holders.

We recently heard that Clare (left), who is the Local Secretary for Our Lady and St Edmund Parish in Portsmouth Diocese, has been keeping her Red Box holders going during the COVID-19 pandemic. With help from fellow parishioner and Missio supporter Wendy (right), Clare called all of her 100+ Red Box holders to check how they were and to ask if they needed any support.

Many of the Red Box holders have kept in touch with her. And the Red Box community in the parish is flourishing– and donations going up!

Thank you, Clare and Wendy – we love how you’ve followed in the footsteps of Blessed Pauline Jaricot, caring for your community at home as well as around the world.

Passing the torch

We celebrated two wonderful Missio volunteers from Yeovil in Clifton Diocese. Susan, who received a Bronze Award for years of service as Red Box Local Secretary is handing over to Danny.

Thank you Susan, for all your amazing work for Missio!

Danny met the Mill Hill Missionaries as a young person growing up in the north. He was discerning his vocation with them and even went to junior seminary at Cotton College in Staffordshire. He eventually decided that it was not for him, but he shares that he has always kept them in mind, and when the opportunity came up in the parish to volunteer for Missio, he stepped forward.

Danny and his wife Margaret have been involved in parish catechesis for children and young people and the parish pastoral council for many years. Danny was delighted to present Susan with her Bronze Missio medal and certificate.

Welcome to the Missio family, Danny! We’re so glad to welcome you.

Faith, Hope and Jubilee

Maureen (centre) is the Red Box Local Secretary for St Joseph’s in Peasedown St John, Clifton Diocese. The parish took part in the village ‘Party in the Park’ on Friday 3 June to celebrate the Jubilee. Over 3,500 people attended.

The displays behind her show parish events and fundraising activities for small communities, both local and overseas.

With help from her husband Dave (right), who surely wins the award for Best Jubilee Socks, and other volunteers from the parish, Maureen shared news of Missio’s projects and work around the world, with posters, copies of Mission Today and information about the Red Box.

Fellow parishioner Chris shares:

‘We sold out of cakes and had good conversations with many people about the parish and our community activities. Our adopted synod theme for the parish is Mother Teresa’s message: “We cannot do great things, only small things with great love”.’

Maureen says:

‘It’s important to show the local community that the parish has a missionary focus and is supporting charities like Missio that are doing good work.’

What a great way to spread the good news about Missio to the wider community! Thank you, Maureen; you’re a star!

Celebrating Pauline Jaricot

As you’ll know, we’ve been joyfully celebrating with the entire Missio family, as one of our founders, Pauline Jaricot, became Blessed Pauline Jaricot on 22 May. This remarkable lay woman began a penny collection among workers in her hometown of Lyon, France. That collection grew into the Association for the Propagation of the Faith (the APF), and makes her one of Missio’s founders. In England and Wales, we continue Blessed Pauline’s legacy through the Red Box.

To celebrate the beatification of Pauline Jaricot, St Mary’s Parish in Rotherham held a ‘Month of Mission’. They raised awareness and funds for Missio, and Local Secretary Joanne made displays in the church and distributed resources from Missio. She also gave out copies of our leaflet: Do you know just how important your Red Box is? and other information on how to donate.

Joanne’s Parish Priest – Monsignor Desmond Sexton – was very supportive in promoting Blessed Pauline Jaricot and encouraging his parishioners to get involved.

Joanne, you’re amazing – thank you, and all of St Mary’s, so much for supporting Missio!

A wonderful legacy

Red Box Local Secretary, Antoinette (left) has been tirelessly volunteering for Missio for over 27 years! What an incredible act of love and faith. Antoinette’s now handing over to Lynda (right) who takes over as Local Secretary at Our Lady Star of the Sea & St Bernard of Clairvaux, Shrewsbury Diocese. Here they are after the recent Shrewsbury Diocese Missio Mass.

Thank you Antoinette and welcome Lynda! We are so blessed to have you both in our Missio family!

Acts of love, big and small

We are so grateful to all our volunteers, who are such a vital part of the Missio family.

If you have a few hours, a few days, or even just a few minutes to give to Missio, you can find out more about joining our volunteering team here. We always give full training and ongoing support to all of our volunteers. And we’ll be delighted to chat about how to get involved if you’d prefer to speak to someone in person.

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