Following the wonderful celebrations of the Beatification of Blessed Pauline Jaricot, our Chair of Trustees, Rt Rev Paul Swarbrick has shared this message with us.

On Sunday 22 May in Lyon, France, Pauline Jaricot was Beatified. Praise the Lord for His unfailing care for His little ones! You will already have received some news of this Beatification through the communications you receive from the Missio National Director, Fr Anthony Chantry. I wish to add my own few words as an encouragement to all who work through Missio for the relief of the poor and the building up of the Church’s Mission to the nations.

Undaunted against all odds

Perhaps Blessed Pauline is relatively unknown to many of us. Reading about her life it is clear that she never sought attention for herself, preferring to remain obscure in her work. And yet, she achieved so much in promoting spiritual and practical support for the young churches of the nineteenth century. She was faced with personal difficulties but did not allow them to overwhelm her. She faced added difficulties both in the secularist culture of her times and in unfortunate opposition within the Church itself. She remained undaunted. What a wonderful example of prayerful  perseverance she is for us in our own times as we struggle against enormous odds.

I commend her story to you, and in particular recommend that you befriend her as a spiritual companion who will not fail to inspire you.

Let Blessed Pauline strengthen you

Our Blessed Lord said to His disciples: ‘Your perseverance will win you your lives’.

Blessed Pauline is living proof of the truth in this simple statement. She will help to strengthen your prayer and your apostolic works of generous charity. Very often we can feel ourselves defeated by the sheer scale of need in the world as we see ever increasing crowds asking for help. Let us never lose sight of the brave individuals who step forward, often as lone  figures, determined to make a difference. They remind us in a powerful way of how each of us can play our part. Let us remember how Our Blessed Lord took the five loaves and two fish and  turned them into a feast that more than satisfied the hungry crowd. Let us also notice how He instructed the disciples to gather even the scraps so that nothing would be wasted. As it was then, so is it now.

In companionship with Blessed Pauline Jaricot let us join in the work of the Gospel, the work of Missio through the Pontifical Mission Societies.

Blessed Pauline Jaricot, pray for us!

+Paul Swarbrick
Bishop of Lancaster

Walk with Blessed Pauline

Join us throughout 2022 to commemorate this remarkable lay woman who began a chain reaction of love and prayer around the world!