It’s almost time for Advent to begin. This year we have a special request from the children and missionaries in Fundong, Cameroon.

Father Noah, a Mill Hill Missionary, is the Parish Priest of St Francis Xavier Catholic Mission Station in Fundong, Cameroon. In the midst of the escalating conflict, the Mission Station is not just a church. It’s a sanctuary; a place of refuge.

In Cameroon some schools had been closed for over two years, largely because of the risk of children being kidnapped. Just last week we heard news of a Catholic hospital being attacked by soldiers. Every day there are reports of more violence and brutality.

Fr Noah’s Mission Station looks after a primary school. And with many more families seeking refuge in his parish, the community needed to build more classrooms to accommodate all the new children arriving.

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Let’s build on a great foundation

With the local community giving everything they can and help from Missio at Easter, Fr Noah and his team have built two new classrooms to help accommodate all of the newly arrived children. But there’s so much more to do, and the situation in Cameroon continues to be volatile and violent.

We have the chance to create an oasis of peace for these children, and so many more like them around the world. Will you join us again this Christmas, to give, pray and fundraise for Missio?

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There are so many ways to support Missio’s Christmas appeal:

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We wish you a wonderful season of Advent. Let’s make it a joyful Christmas for children and missionaries around the world!