Linet with Sister Mary in Kibera, Kenya

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate and give thanks for the work of inspiring women around the world. So it’s the perfect time to catch up with Sister Mary and Linet, who live out their faith by rescuing and fostering children at risk in Kibera – the biggest ‘slum’ in Africa, located in Kenya.

You may remember Sr Mary and Linet from our World Mission Sunday campaign in 2023. Sr Mary has been in touch to thank you for your support, which is enabling her to live out her mission and transform the lives of suffering children in her homeland:

‘Isn’t your reaching out a miracle? I thank you and all who networked with you through Missio. I am truly full of gratitude. Nothing is small when offered with love. I have no words, absolutely no words, to express my feelings. It feels like I am dreaming. I thank God who moved you to think of us and I thank your team too for overwhelming us with your generosity.’

How you helped

World Mission Sunday is vital to the growth of the Church and the spread of the Gospel in predominantly impoverished and remote areas overseas. The funds raised build much-needed infrastructure, from chapels and schools to orphanages, clinics, and dispensaries. Requested by the local community, the support from Missio transforms lives and creates a hub from which the young Church can flourish and grow. Every penny, pound, and prayer you contribute to Missio helps missionaries everywhere continue their work and supports faith and outreach projects.

Empowering women; protecting children

World Mission Sunday is a lifeline for missionaries like Sr Mary, who give their whole lives to bring the love and hope of Jesus to situations of extreme poverty and injustice. Sr Mary experiences many challenges in her work, but her faith and trust in God encourage her in moments of despair:

‘My heart breaks when young children are in trouble. Linet currently has children who have suffered abuse living in her house – she recently had to travel eight hours by bus to rescue a young girl. I admire her courage! She has enrolled the child in secondary school while providing healing for her trauma. The head teacher agreed that we can pay school fees bit by bit.

‘Schooling for these children is giving them hope and a future. Schooling keeps them away from the streets, or joining bandit groups or gangs, and from substance abuse. I had a meeting with Linet: two of the girls living with her need medication, and a young lady with disabilities gave birth to a lovely baby boy and lives with her mother but comes to Linet seeking food. Linet’s home continues to be a place of refuge.’

Thank you so much for being part of the amazing work missionaries do around the world. They could not do what they do without you!

Sr Mary’s Lenten Message

As part of our series of Lenten messages from missionaries, Sr Mary has shared these prayers and reflection with us. Feel free to use it in your Lenten journey this week, and find all our messages and reflections here>>