Missio England and Wales have long standing ties with the parish of Shauri Moyo in Kenya, which has been supported by donors in England and Wales for many years. Recently we heard from our partners, the Mill Hill Missionaries, that the parishioners of Shauri Moyo are taking action to safeguard their threatened environment. Fr Victor Nayak MHM sent this report from Nairobi: 

Parishioners of Shauri Moyo, a community plagued by the indiscriminate dumping of garbage, have taken a stand to address the pressing environmental issue threatening their well-being. The area has become a dumping ground for various types of waste, including plastics, chemical waste from local clinics and stores, glass bottles, and trash from the busy jua-kali (‘anytime’) market. This accumulation of waste poses a grave danger to the health of the community, especially vulnerable groups like children.

‘Mazingira Safi’

In response to this crisis, the community have initiated a campaign called Mazingira Safi (‘clean environment’) with the dual aim of raising awareness about the detrimental effects of waste, and safeguarding their environment by discouraging haphazard dumping practices. The campaign seeks to instil a sense of environmental responsibility among residents, urging them to refrain from disposing of garbage indiscriminately.

Tree planting at Shauri Moyo Parish Church by His Grace Philip Anyolo ( Archbishop of Nairobi)

Support from the Church

During a recent visit by the Archbishop Philip Anyolo to Shauri Moyo, community members seized the opportunity to advocate for environmental action. They requested the planting of trees as a symbolic gesture to inspire tree planting initiatives and nurture existing green spaces.

Recognising the interconnectedness of environmental stewardship and their gospel mission, residents emphasised the urgency of addressing the environmental crisis alongside their spiritual endeavours:

‘We cannot effectively preach the Gospel in Shauri Moyo while turning a blind eye to the environmental calamity threatening our very existence. With the spirit of Mazingira Safi, we are committed to continuing our efforts to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our environment.’

The Mazingira Safi campaign embodies the proactive approach of Shauri Moyo parish in confronting environmental challenges and underscores their determination to foster a cleaner and healthier community for generations to come.

Original article and pictures courtesy of millhillmissionaries.com

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