Join us during Christmas to reflect and rejoice on the birth of Jesus.

Christmas reflection

Our final reflection of the Advent season: Fr Anthony Chantry reflects on the Christmas Gospel.

Nativity scenes

During the Advent season, we asked our supporters to share pictures of their Nativity scenes. We loved sharing them with you! 

Time to get back to normal?

So we’ve had Christmas Day… what now? 

The Epiphany

A reflection for the coming of the Magi. 

Christmas Octave 

‘Why is it important to celebrate Christmas during the Octave?  Because Christmas is just too important to limit to a single day’s celebration!  We spend four weeks of Advent preparing for the Christ child to be born.  We therefore need time to simply enjoy the great mystery once arrived.’ – Leeds Diocese website

The Feast of Christmas lasts for eight days – the Octave of Christmas. Mass on each of these days is a ‘Christmas Mass’. We created these daily observances last year, and invite you to browse our reflections during this year’s Octave, for a spiritual pause in your day. Click on the images below for prayers and reflections for each day.