First reading – 1 John 1:1-4

The Word, who is life – this is our subject

Something which has existed since the beginning, that we have heard, and we have seen with our own eyes; that we have watched and touched with our hands: the Word, who is life – this is our subject. That life was made visible: we saw it and we are giving our testimony, telling you of the eternal life which was with the Father and has been made visible to us. What we have seen and heard we are telling you so that you too may be in union with us, as we are in union with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ. We are writing this to you to make our own joy complete.


‘Let’s learn from the Lord who saved us by emptying himself, becoming other: from being God, man; from spirit, flesh. He also invites us to “become other”, to reach out to others. The other will become the means of our salvation, beginning with the poor, who are most like Christ.’ – Pope Francis


God-With-Us, at Christmastide we remember that you became one of us, to show us that we are all one with you. Help me not only to see you in others, but also to see myself in them: so that all the false distinctions which divide us melt away, leaving only the joyful truth of our universal fraternity.

Image: Artwork of Christ in the floods of Chennai, by a young person at the Marialaya project in Chennai