In November, we pray with Pope Francis that people who struggle with depression and all forms of mental illness may find support in us all and allow a healing light to enter their lives.

‘Let us not turn away from those around us… those who struggle to carry on.’
Pope Francis

This month’s focus

  • As the days get shorter and nights draw in, many people will be feeling the effects of winter on their mood and wellbeing. Let’s not forget to reach out to those around us this month – whether we need help or can offer help, we are stronger together.
  • November is traditionally the month of remembrance. Take a moment in stillness to pray with our reflection film, which you can find with our online Book of Remembrance here>>
  • COP26 began on 31 October and runs until 12 November. Never has it been so important for the world to come together for the good of our planet and our entire global family. Pope Francis spoke to BBC Radio 4 listeners ahead of the conference. Listen to his Thought for the Day here>>