In May we pray with Pope Francis for all young people called to live life to the full; may they, through Mary’s life, discover how to listen and discern deeply. May they also discover the courage that faith brings, and a commitment to serve.

‘Dear young people, do not be afraid of making decisive choices in life. Have faith; the Lord will not abandon you!’

– Pope Francis

Our focus for May

  • On 22 May, the global Missio family will be celebrating the beatification of one of our founders, Pauline Jaricot. Find out more about this remarkable lay woman, and join us to mark her important step on the road to sainthood. Click here>>
  • As we pray especially for young people this month, let us ask God to watch over all those preparing for exams or taking the next step in their journey to adulthood. May they walk in the path of righteousness, always knowing they are loved.
  • With your help, we are continuing Pauline Jaricot’s legacy, knowing that if everyone does a little, a whole lot can be accomplished! If you feel inspired to gather some friends and fundraise for Missio, we have plenty of suggestions and tips here>>