On 22 May Pauline Jaricot, one of Missio’s founders, will be beatified in her home town of Lyon, France. This is an important step in her journey to Sainthood. We asked members of the Missio family in England and Wales how Pauline inspires them in their lives, faith, and personal mission. Read what they had to say here.

‘She inspires me to walk with those in need’ – Dave, Clifton Diocese

‘Pauline Jaricot is a remarkable person in the life of the Church. I feel a connection with her because she was able to see the needs of others and put them before herself. She spoke and acted for those in need and those who were sick. She is a true example of how to live the Gospel message.

‘My Dad was a teacher and my Mum a nurse, so coming from a family where the care of others was just part of my upbringing, I know the importance of walking alongside people who need support. This example of service to others has obviously rubbed off on the whole family, who have dedicated their professional lives to those in need, through social work, Priesthood, teaching and youth ministry, and now supporting Missio volunteers.

‘Pauline became increasingly close to God, and her mission to bring light and hope to dark and challenging situations is one that inspires me and my family to continue to walk alongside those in need’.

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‘She faced many obstacles but never lost faith’ – Claire, Leeds

‘To be honest, I didn’t know much about Pauline Jaricot until the news of her Beatification. But then I began to find out about this incredible lay woman who, at a time when it wasn’t easy for women to have any real influence, started several initiatives that markedly improved the lives of the poorest people in her home of Lyon and around the world.

‘As well as supporting the missions overseas, she also supported the rights of Lyon’s mill workers, established a credit union, and was one of the first people to build a fair factory with accommodation, school, and chapel attached. All of this was built on Christ and her relationship with him, nurtured by prayer and the Eucharist.

‘Pauline had a real understanding of the dignity of people: that we are one family through God our Father. She faced many obstacles but never lost faith. She’s as much an inspiration to the Laity now as she ever was. I’m very glad I know about her’.

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‘She saw injustices in her society as her own personal challenge’- Michelle, Southwark

‘For me, one of the fascinating things about Pauline Jaricot is how much she was able to achieve in such a small amount of time! Her passion and determination, in a very tense political environment, were unfaltering.

‘Plus, Pauline Jaricot was born in a time where faithful women had one of two paths – married life or the convent. Pauline chose to forge her own path and through her belief in God, created an international network of prayer and charity before technology became a part of everyday life.

‘As a lay woman, I am inspired by Pauline Jaricot. She suffered with ill health but found comfort in prayer and her closeness with God; her suffering drew her closer to her faith.

‘And she wanted to alleviate the suffering of others and saw injustices in her society as her own personal challenge. What a truly remarkable life she lived!’

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‘She was someone of wealth and privilege, yet she chose a life of service’ – Stephen, Liverpool

‘I’m inspired by Blessed Pauline Jaricot’s humility, and prayerful determination. She was someone of wealth, power and privilege, yet she chose a life of service, walking alongside poor people both in Lyon and around the world. And she did all of this without having been able to travel overseas, or to see videos of life in the communities she was hoping to support, like we can.

‘She faced many challenges, including her health, and her family and Church officials not always supporting her. But she was determined, driven by her dedicated prayer life, to continue on her mission.

‘Two hundred years later we are recognising her strength of faith, and the countless millions of people who have been helped because of what she started.

‘She inspires me in my prayer life – not that it’s anywhere near as intense as Blessed Pauline’s was – and to keep going even when things are tough’.

‘She daily took up her cross’ – Theresa, Shrewsbury

‘What I find inspiring about Pauline Jaricot is her perseverance, despite many trials, in doing what she discerned was God’s will. She suffered ill health, she was defrauded, defamed and left destitute, but she daily took up her cross and carried it with love and courage.’

To mark Pauline’s beatification, we are organising special Masses in dioceses across England and Wales. Find your nearest one here>>

‘Seeking simple, gentle ways of connecting is key’ – Fr Anthony, Missio National Director (England and Wales)

‘Serving as a Mill Hill Missionary in radically different cultures has taught me that perseverance is at the root of all missionary endeavours. To persevere with learning the language, understanding the local customs and traditions with respect, and seeking simple, gentle ways of connecting with the lives of the people is key to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who have not yet known him. I see in the life of Blessed Pauline Jaricot a similar perseverance.

‘She suffered ill health, self-doubt, rejection, humiliation, and poverty, and yet because of her deep faith and spirituality she persevered.

‘Powered by her passion for mission, the seeds she planted have grown and flourished across the world, producing the abundant fruit of young and vibrant Churches.’

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