In November, we pray that the Holy Father, in fulfilling his mission, may continue to accompany the flock entrusted to him with the help of the Holy Spirit.

‘Unity is the fruit of prayer, for prayer allows the Holy Spirit to intervene, opening our hearts to hope, shortening distances and holding us together in times of difficulty.’ – Pope Francis

Our focus for November

  • The news from around the world is bleak at present, with poverty, conflict, and war tearing the lives of our sisters and brothers here, and around the world, apart. Please join us this November to pray for peace in the areas which need it most. Our Mission Rosary online prayer group brings you prayer focuses from each continent. Join in here>>
  • Traditionally November is the month of remembrance. We remember all living and deceased supporters of Missio and the Mill Hill Missionaries at Mass in our chapels, and record the names of those who have died in our Book of Remembrance. Find our online Book of Remembrance here>>
  • One out of every four people helped by Missio today is funded by legacy donations. Will you help missionaries be there for all in need of spiritual  and practical help? To find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to Missio, click here>>