In May, we pray with Pope Francis that each day, Church movements and groups may rediscover their mission of evangelisation, placing their own charisms at the service of the world’s needs.

‘Thank you for bearing witness to the Gospel in everyday life… this is where you are called to share the Gospel. We must not wait for the Priest to come, for the Priest to evangelise, the Missionary… yes, they do great good, but whoever has been baptised has the task of evangelising.’

Pope Francis

Our focus for May

As we journey from Easter towards the Ascension of the Lord and Pentecost, we remember that each of us is called to carry out Christ’s mission on earth. We recommit ourselves to igniting God’s love around the world, and we thank you for joining us through prayer and giving.

  • As the weather gets better, there are so many opportunities to come together to raise funds for global mission! Could your school, parish or community help Missio support our sisters and brothers around the world? Get all our fundraising ideas here>>
  • We’re inspired by the many parish groups and volunteers who support our work throughout the UK. Leo started a group in his parish to sponsor future Priests in mission diocese. Read how he went about it, and how you could begin something similar here>>
  • When we pray together, we share God’s love with the whole world. You can join us online through our Hozana prayer groups, in person at our Mission Masses in dioceses across England and Wales, and in so many other ways! Find all the ways to pray with Missio here>>
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