Missio offers supporters the opportunity to connect with students studying for the Priesthood in seminaries overseas. Here is a message from Leo, who encouraged his fellow parishioners in Birmingham to contribute financially and spiritually to the future of our Church:

In May 2021, I was looking for new ways to promote Missio in my parish, so I asked for information about sponsoring the training of a future Priest overseas. I felt that only a few parishioners might be able to commit to £40 per month, but knew that if the need was clear, many might be able to afford £1 per week for an uplifting cause. Once I received the photo of the first student, I thought that if I could get a few people to share, we could help even more.

The message spread; the support grew…

It caught on quickly and with publicity in the parish newsletter and a makeshift poster with photo of the trainee Priest, by the end of 2021 we were well on our way with supporting two students.

I send a single card at Easter and Christmas to each student from their sponsors, mentioning each by name. Some sponsors have recruited others, so we now sponsor four trainee Priests.

Building the Church of tomorrow

Everybody feels they have a clear purpose both to ‘pay and pray’ for the success of their future Priest. Each sponsor feels that this is ‘their’ trainee Priest and that they have a divine and specific purpose. It is uplifting to know that we are doing something that is pleasing to God.

Maybe other parishes would like to try this, too?

Sponsoring a seminarian makes a wonderful parish or community project! Find out how your Parish can get involved here>>

Thank you so much!

We’re sending huge thanks from Missio to Leo and his parish for this amazing support. We think it’s a fantastic way to connect, in faith, to seminarians studying for the Priesthood overseas and a wonderful opportunity to support the future of our Church. What’s more, it’s following closely in the footsteps of our founder Blessed Pauline Jaricot, whose penny collections changed the world!

We know not everyone can commit to a lot of money right now. But at Missio, every penny, pound and prayer makes such a difference, and when everyone gives a little small change, together we can create a huge change!

If your parish family would like to join together in sponsoring a future Priest overseas, you can find out more about it here>>

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