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Building a future of hope together

In 2018, World Mission Sunday took place on 21 October. As our global church came together on this special day, Missio asked the faithful of England and Wales to ‘work together to build a future of hope’ in Ethiopia and throughout the world, through your prayers and financial support. Please donate to this year’s World Mission Sunday>>

‘You are our friend’

The Menja in Ethiopia have faced exclusion and discrimination for centuries. This exclusion means that Menja adults struggle to find work and earn an income. Simple things, like feeding their families, having a home and providing clothing for their children are a daily struggle. But Sr Karlo and the Congregation of the Little Sisters of Jesus are working to heal divisions and hatred and bring the Menja into the light and love of God. Read more about Sr Karlo and our 2018 campaign via the links below.

Join the global church family

On this special Sunday, please join Catholics worldwide in praying for our global Church and supporting missionaries. We pray for those who bring God’s mercy and love to our sisters and brothers who suffer through poverty, conflict and discrimination. As always, your help can make a huge difference. On World Mission Sunday your prayers and financial support will bring the Good News to people who are suffering around the world.
Sr Karlo with Kenito and his family

World Mission Sunday 2018

Ethiopia: Together we can build a future of hope. In Ethiopia, the Menja people live on the fringes of society. It’s been like this for

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Building a future of hope

Our perception of Ethiopia is still strongly linked with the devastating famine of the early 1980s in which one million people died. Much has happened

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