We are praying and supporting our missionary family as they do everything possible to assist those affected by the flood disaster in Pakistan.

The floods in Pakistan are officially the worst in the country’s history. The heavy monsoon rains are nearly triple the national average over the past 30 years. And they have caused catastrophic flooding in the provinces of Sindh, Balochistan and southern Punjab.

In the Catholic diocese of Hyderabad (Sindh province), 90% of the area has been inundated by the heavy downpours. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes and livelihoods, and over a thousand people have lost their lives. Crops have been wiped out, bridges and roads damaged and destroyed, and the economic losses run to billions of dollars.

What we’re doing

The global Church is responding across the country to provide food, shelter and humanitarian aid to the hundreds of thousands of people in need. Missio England and Wales and our partners, the Mill Hill Missionaries, are supporting the four Pakistani missions of Tando Adam, Matli, Tando Allahyar and Kotri with emergency grants. We’re keeping in touch with all four missions, helping however we can as they work in this rapidly evolving situation.

Fr Edson MHM in Tando Allahyar sent this message earlier today:

‘Thank you so much for your email and for keeping us close in your prayers. Indeed the present situation is unprecedented and the damages are unthinkable. People are back to zero again after the little that they have vanished in floods. We are doing the best we can to be with them in this confusing time, to give them courage and hope to start all over again. With your financial support, we will be able to provide their basic food supplies as they go through this difficult transition.

‘Thank you again for remembering us and for your unwavering support. May God bless you and your ministry with Missio’.

Pakistan’s critical climate emergency

Pakistan contributes a tiny amount to global emissions. But, as is often the case, it’s one of the worst affected countries when it comes to climate change. A recent ICN article states:

‘Pakistan has a lethal cocktail of climate change effects – increasing temperatures, up to 50C at times, unpredictable monsoon rains and glacial melts in the northern Himalayan mountain range. This year, all three have combined to devastating effect. After a relatively harsh and cold winter, spring was effectively missed out as March was one of the hottest on record and by April we had a full-blown heatwave, lasting over a month, right across Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. What is particularly worrying is how early it began. The monsoon season started in mid-June and is ongoing. In northern Pakistan, in the Himalayan range, there are 7,532 glaciers, more than anywhere else outside of the Polar Regions and they are melting at a greater rate than before’.

Pope Francis’ appeal for commitment

This year, the theme for the Season of Creation (1 September to 4 October) is ‘Listen to the voice of creation’. The Holy Father has asked the faithful around the world to commit to hearing the voice of the people most affected by climate change, and the voice of the earth itself, which ‘groans and begs us to stop our abuse and her destruction’. The floods in Pakistan are one of many climate emergencies around the world which are adding strain and disaster to the planet. Find out more about the season of creation and how you can join the mission to end the climate crisis, visit seasonofcreation.org

Please pray with us

We ask for your prayers for our partners in Pakistan: for the people they serve and for strength and courage through this crisis.

Image via Vatican News