Hello! My name is Fr Michael and I am a Mill Hill Missionary from India.

I’m 38 years old and come from a very simple family – the third of four children. I was born in a small Catholic village. Right from my childhood I was educated in Catholic schools. It was my desire to become a priest from my childhood, so I was always very active in Church activities.

My family was very supportive, but we have had our challenges. My elder brother died of jaundice at the age of 22. And my mother – a true inspiration to me – died in 2003 due to cancer at the age of 46. It was really a tough time in the family, losing two loved ones in a short period of time.

Beginning my Mill Hill journey

In June 2006, after my graduation, I joined Mill Hill to start my formation. I completed most of my formation studies in India and was ordained as a priest on 29 September 2016 – the feast of St Michael. I was appointed to Cameroon where I served for two fruitful years.

It was a challenging mission experience for me as a newly ordained Missionary Priest. And because of political crises and civil war in Cameroon, I had some bitter experiences. Sadly, the civil war in the country eventually meant I was asked to withdraw from Cameroon and go back to my home country India on 24 December 2018.

A new post

On 12 February 2019, I received my new appointment from the General Council saying that I am appointed to Malaysia, specifically to the Diocese of Sibu in Sarawak State. I was so happy and excited; I couldn’t wait to go and take up my new appointment. The visa process took a long while and I had to wait in India until 10 August 2019. But at last I am happy to say that I arrived in Malaysia on 10 August 2019 and took up my appointment in Kapit Parish on 15 August – the feast of the Assumption of Mary our Mother.

Kapit is a small modern developing town on the banks of river Rejang. I am working together with Fr Philip, a Mill Hill Missionary from Kenya. We both work together as brothers in the community, as well as in the parish. We understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths, and support and encourage one another in both good times and bad.

My role in the Parish is to assist the Parish Priest in ministering Sacraments as well as active participation in the Parish activities, especially reaching out and meetings with various groups in the parish.

I am very happy to be here and I have already begun to feel at home in my new assignment. I’m looking forward to sharing my onward journey with you!

God Bless,

Fr Michael