Linet with Sister Mary, Kenya

THANK YOU for joining us on World Mission Sunday this year.

I had the privilege of preaching at the Masses at Westminster Cathedral where so many people from all over the world gathered to share in the Eucharist, and gain strength and courage to respond to the call to mission through the power of the Holy Spirit, that in Jesus’ name all may be brought to the Father.

Together we echoed Pope Francis’ prayer for peace in the Holy Land. We also held all our sisters and brothers in other parts of the world in prayer. It was wonderful to meet and pray with so many faithful supporters.

Missionaries around the world rely on the World Mission Sunday appeal for support to continue their life of service to share God’s love with those who suffer. By taking part, you were able to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in need of our help and share with them the hope of a better life.

Watch the international World Mission Sunday short film by clicking here

From the Synod

I was pleased recently, to read the ‘synthesis report’ from the October 2023 Synod: A Synodal Church in Mission. The report states:

‘Rather than saying that the Church has a mission, we affirm that the Church “is” mission. “As the Father has sent me, so I send you” (John 20:21)’.

The text states that the mission of proclaiming the Gospel is the sole reason for the Church’s existence. And because, going forward, this text will be a guiding principle for any reforms and changes in the Church’s institutions and dynamics, it seems clear that mission is set to be the central foundation and the purpose of the entire Catholic family. This is good news for Missio for as the Pope’s charity in support of world mission, our aim is to nurture the missionary spirit, which is at the heart of sacramental Baptism.

The report also references the vital and unique mission of the laity within the Church family, and in particular families:

‘Parents and grandparents and all those who live and share their faith in the family are the first missionaries. The family, as a community of life and love, is a privileged place of education in faith and Christian practice, one that needs special accompaniment within communities.’

While there are still many issues to discuss, we can nonetheless rejoice in the message that each one of us is a mission on earth, and the mandate to ‘go forth’ and encounter each other, throughout our daily lives, whether we are consecrated or lay missionaries. Far from being irrelevant, mission is indeed more vital than ever. We look forward with faith, renewed in our commitment to build a Church for everyone, by everyone, recognising that we all have our part to play.

Read more about the report here>>

Month of Remembrance

I continue to keep all Missio supporters in my prayers. November is a special time to pray for all the dead especially our loved ones, and in our Missio chapel we remember with deep gratitude all our deceased collaborators and supporters.

Yet for us, sadness and grief dissolve away in God’s promise that life is not ended by death but changed. The resurrection of Jesus Christ shows us that death does not have the last word – life does.

Let us strive together to build a Church of compassion and hope by giving witness to Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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