Summer Long Weekend looking at 21st Century Mission – and its challenges for the Church

This year Missio is collaborating with Catholic People’s Weeks (CPW) – a lay Catholic organisation which organises retreat holidays for Catholic families.

Fr Tony, Missio’s National Director, and Catherine Scott will be Chaplain and Chair respectively on this long weekend for people of eighteen and over.

In Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis calls on us to be ‘Missionary Disciples’. But traditional models are changing as our concept of Mission evolves. How can we respond as lay people and communities of faith to Pope Francis’s call? And how on earth can we become these 21st Century missionaries?

Come and join us!

We invite keen Missio volunteers to join us for the weekend, alongside CPW members, to discuss these questions.

CPW has been around for more than seventy years. It has a long history of offering holidays that make a difference. The breaks vary in length and take place all over the country.

All CPW events give us space away from our everyday concerns. They help refresh our understanding of what it means to be a Catholic Christian today.


If you’d like to chat to Catherine Scott to find out more information, please call 020 7963 6821 during business hours.