Our Christmas appeal this year features Fr Noah’s Mission Station in Fundong, Cameroon. Missio supporters are helping to fund the building of much-needed classrooms to accommodate children fleeing conflict from other parts of Cameroon.

The ongoing Anglophone crisis in the country has seen huge numbers of internally displaced people join this relatively peaceful area; people who have fled to safety with not much more than the clothes on their backs. And the threat of the conflict is never far away.

Responding with God’s love

Despite the fear and the extra mouths to feed, the community has met this challenge with hope and compassion. They’re welcoming this ever-increasing family, and sharing the love of Christ with everyone in need. And you are responding generously to help this wonderful community meet those needs. With your help, internally displaced children – many of whom have not been able to attend school for over two years – can finally return to school and continue their education.

The community has done what they can to fundraise and contribute local skills to this project. Parishioners have donated building materials and even made the bricks for the classrooms!

Thank you for your generous donations. You are building the Church of tomorrow, brick by brick!>>

A reason to celebrate

Recently the community has shared another reason to rejoice – they have been celebrating their Golden Jubilee!

The whole parish came together for this special occasion, with the Archbishop of Bamenda, His Grace Andrew Fuanya Nkea, visiting to concelebrate. We know this community will continue to flourish and grow in the years to come, overcoming every challenge with grace and love.

Fr Noah’s message of thanks

Fr Noah expressed his gratitude for everything that has been achieved. He said:

‘I am delighted to be part of this great Golden Jubilee celebration… I would like to thank Almighty God for His numerous blessings and mercy towards us and for the gift of life to all of us to see this great day.’

A strong Mill Hill Missionary tradition

In an interview during the Jubilee, Fr Noah shared:

‘My wish for this celebration is for a peaceful and everlasting resolution to the Anglophone crisis and a renewal of faith… My prayer and desire is to see peace restored in the two Anglophone Regions, particularly in Fundong.’

We are praying with you, Fr Noah! Wishing you and all at Fundong Mission Station a happy and peaceful Christmas!

Walk with Fundong

We give thanks for Fr Noah and his inspiring parish, for the work they do and the way in which they ignite God’s love in the midst of conflict and hardship.

  • Please spend a moment in prayer for Fundong parish and the ministry of Fr Noah and his team
  • If you can, please donate to our Christmas Appeal, to support Fr Noah, and countless missionaries like him around the world, as they bring Christ’s hope and love to all people.