‘Here I am, send me!’ – Isaiah 6:8

In 2020 we experienced a year like no other. Despite the challenges, we celebrated World Mission Sunday, and focused on the work of Sr Nilcéia and her dedication to a vulnerable community in Malawi.

Thank you!

Your response to Missio’s World Mission Sunday 2020 appeal was wonderful. One of the missionaries you helped was Sr Nilcéia who continues to run educational and nutritional programmes for children and babies through the Lisanjala Health Clinic.

The donations you generously gave enabled Sr Nilcéia to reach out with God’s love to more vulnerable families. And your prayers encouraged her to carry on serving and sharing God’s grace.

Here is a message from Sr Nilcéia:

‘God has blessed us. We are here to serve and have done a lot with the money you have sent us. The healthcare system in Malawi is very poor. We trusted in the future that good days would come, and Missio gave us hope.

‘We are so blessed – all these blessings that are coming to us. What I feel in my heart is great, it’s joy, it’s something so good. I am very happy and glad and thankful for your efforts, for your help and assistance in accompanying us in this journey, to be ourpartner in this way. God shows his hand, his mercy on us. This is a difficult time, but this is something very special. Thank you.

 ‘I pray for the supporters of Missio because I know how life may be hard and prayers reach the heart of God quickly.

‘We are still a little bit afraid, but we do not lose hope. We still pray and trust in the Lord, and do what we are able to do. Never give up… life is beautiful!’

Sister Nilcéia’s health

Over the course of 2020, Sr Nilcéia suffered through a bout of malaria, then contracted COVID-19, and then became very unwell with a bad flu. Many of you prayed for her and she responded with gratitude and reciprocal prayers for you. Despite these personal health setbacks, she continues to manage the Lisanjala Health Clinic that supports 18 villages in the local area. She is an inspiration!

The Church’s presence in these areas is vital and your World Mission Sunday donations help keep communities going.

Please continue to support Missio on World Mission Sunday and beyond. Donate here>>

Did you know?

In much of the developing world, the majority of public services, such as hospitals and schools, are run by the Catholic Church. Missio is the only Catholic charity which supports the 40% of the Universal Church currently in need of help from the rest of the Church.

Please continue to support Missio on World Mission Sunday and beyond. Donate here>>