For World Mission Sunday in 2021, Missio focused on the work of Sister Veronica – a missionary leading the Women’s Interfaith Council (WIC) in Kaduna, Nigeria. This Council enables women of different faith associations to work together to build peace and stability in one of the most troubled regions of Africa.

Upon receiving the news that you, through Missio, would be helping to fund the vital work of the Women’s Interfaith Council (WIC), Sr Veronica sent the following message:

‘Wow! That’s great news for us – the funds will go a long way in helping our work. We will surely utilise the money in empowering some of the very poor women economically, especially the victims of violent conflict’.

With your help, Sr Veronica has been able to reach out to more women who have been wounded physically and emotionally by brutal attacks in their villages. We shared the story of Rachel* whose 7-year-old son had been murdered during a raid on the small village of Kajuru.

A new start for Rachel

Horrifically, Rachel’s left hand had been hacked off by a herdsman wielding a machete. We recently got news that the WIC was able to purchase prosthetic arms for Rachel and another survivor – Jem*. Sr Veronica wrote:

‘Rachel and Jem collected their prosthetics with excitement and were grateful to Missio and the WIC. Jem said to me “Sister, l can now move around without covering my hand – thank you!” You can see how much this has affected their confidence – they feel great. We hope they will maintain them since they are very happy with them.

Missio did its part of the project in “enhancing peaceful coexistence”. We still have two women that the project did not cover, we are hoping to get more funds for them’.

International recognition

Back in November 2021, we were delighted to share that the WIC received the Aachen Peace Prize. Daharatu Ahmed Aliyu and Elizabeth Abuk, who featured in our World Mission Sunday appeal, arrived in Germany from Nigeria to receive the award on behalf of the WIC. The prize is to honour people who work to create peace and understanding between different communities.

Daharatu told reporters:

‘We were so happy, we are still happy and will continue to be happy.

Elizabeth laughed:

‘And now we are international superstars!’

Sr Veronica and her team continue to visit survivors of attacks, providing them with spiritual support and organising further skills training for women and young people. The WIC also offers support through their community, ensuring that women of all religions unite. News of the WIC’s progress is spreading, with other states in Nigeria contacting them for help to set up their own interreligious women’s councils.

This could not have been achieved without your support – thank you!

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